sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

PLN (Professional learning network)

"Learning to create, manage and promote a professional learning network (PLN) will soon become, if it’s not already, one of the most necessary and sought after skills for a global citizen, and as such, must become a prominent feature of any school curriculum. (...)
Establishing a PLN seems simple enough on the surface, but to do it successfully and optimize its potential contains within in it a challenging and vigorous set of learning opportunities. Curating, managing, and promoting a PLN develops critical, creative, 21st century, and an increasingly important set of socio-emotional capabilities. Integration into modern curriculums would be seamless. (...) So here is a list, but by no means a definitive list, of the skills that are learned:
1. Curating (Ideas & Community)
2. Managing (Networks & Information)
3. Socializing (Thinking & Interaction)   

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